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PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: Emphasizes lower abs. EXECUTION: (1) Grasp an overhead bar and hang at arm s length. (2) Keeping your legs fairly straight, raise them as high as you can, hold for a moment, then lower them under control back to the starting position. Keeping your legs straight adds to the resistance in this […]


PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: For upper and lower abs. EXECUTION: In all ab exercises the rib cage contracts toward the pelvis or the pelvis toward the rib cage—in this exercise, both of these things happen. (1) Sit crosswise on a bench, holding on to the sides for support. Raise your legs slightly and bend your knees […]


PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: Emphasizes upper abs. EXECUTION: (1) Lie on your back on the floor, your legs across a bench in front of you. You can put your hands behind your neck or keep them in front of you, whichever you prefer. (2) Curl your shoulders and trunk upward toward your knees, rounding your back. […]


PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: Emphasizes upper abs. EXECUTION: (1) Sit on the Roman Chair bench, hook your feet under the support, and fold your arms in front of you. (2) Keeping your stomach tucked in, lower yourself back to approximately a 70- degree angle, but not all the way back so your torso is parallel to […]

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