Tavi Castro and the Body Engineers

Body Engineers was founded in 2014 in Amsterdam the Netherlands by Aerospace Engineer and world champion fitness model Tavi Castro. A brand built around the vision to bring elegant styling , quality, and performance to a formerly dull fitness industry we look to bridge the gap between European fashion and the fitness lifestyle that has exploded in the years that followed. Designed in Europe by a team of fashion professionals and tested by some of the worlds top athletes , BE takes fitness and lifestyle apparel to a new level. We love our planet as much as we love the iron temple, so we have dedicated our production and design to using sustainable materials like our Prometheus Bamboo blend, produced in factories providing safe and fair working conditions. We want to help take you from the streets , to the iron temple, and the edges of the world… while making sure that there’s still a beautiful world, for our future generations to enjoy. Mothers, Fathers , Students, Professional athletes, Soldiers…. no matter who you are, where you’re  from, or what challenges life has given you. If you are willing to take control of your mind and body, then you are one of us. You are the engineer of your own life. You bring the passion , we will engineer the tools.

Tavi Castro