Shredded Spanish tortilla


Now for one of my favourite meals. This is a modified Spanish tortilla that uses sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. it is also easy to make a big tortilla which you can slice into pieces and package up for more meals.

Cook the thinly sliced sweet potatoes in a pan in enough water to just cover all of the sweet potatoe.Also add one tablespoon of coconut oil to the water and cook the sweet potatoe till all of the water is gone. Then check that the sweet potato slices are soft and drain what ever water is left. create a bed of sweet potato and cover in egg whites. add chopped onions , paprika peppers, spices or any preferred chopped vegetables.

Large pan
-(200-300gr sweet potato)
-(10-12 medium egg whites)

Medium pan
-(150-250 gr sweet potato)
-(8-10 medium egg whites)

Small pan
– (100-200 gr sweet potato)
-(6-8 medium egg whites )

Cover the pan mix of vegetables,sweet potato, and egg whites. cook on low to medium heat.

slice and serve with your favorite sauce as long as the sauce fits your diet structure!