PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To isolate andwork the rear head of the deltoids.By bending over while executing aLateral, you force the posterior head ofthe deltoids to work more directly.Doing them seated allows you to do astricter movement than when standing.


EXECUTION: (1) Sit on the end of abench, knees together, and take adumbbell in each hand. Bend forwardfrom the waist and bring the dumbbellstogether behind your calves. Turn yourhands so that your palms face oneanother. (2) Keeping your body steady,lift the weights out to either side, turningyour wrists so that the thumbs are lowerthan the little fingers. Be careful not tolift up your body as you lift the weights.With your arms just slightly bent, lift thedumbbells to a point just higher thanyour head, then, keeping your kneestogether, lower them again slowly tobehind your calves, resisting all the waydown. Try not to cheat doing thisexercise. And be sure you are liftingstraight out to either side; the tendencydoing this exercise is to let the weightsdrift back behind your shoulders.

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