PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To use a heavier than normal weight, or to continue to do repetitions of shoulder presses after reaching a point of failure; to develop additional deltoid strength.This is a Cheating Principle exercise.You can use it in power training to lift abarbell that you would normally find tooheavy to use for strict Shoulder Presses.You can also use the Push Press to doforced reps at the end of a set, when youare too tired to continue to do strictShoulder Press reps.


EXECUTION: (1) Taking hold of a barbellwith an overhand grip, hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart, cleanthe weight up to shoulder height. (2)Bend your knees slightly and then pressup with your legs to get the bar moving.Use this additional impetus to press thebar up overhead. Lock it out, then slowly lower once more to shoulder position.


push press 1 push press 2

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