Optimized Intermittent Fasting Ebook by Tavi Castro


    After nearly 14 years of trial and error, testing every diet and training method that has ever been marketed , and applied it to the the manipulation of my own body composition. Whilst working with thousands of clients of varying sex|genetics|goals… I felt compelled to share my findings in an efficient and logical manner in which you could apply yourself. After reading this book you will be able to take full control of your body composition in an ultra efficient and flexible manner. It is vital to read this book with a clear mental distinction between the training and diet strategies required for Performance enhancement and Body Composition control. While there is much overlap between the diet and training methods required to improve performance for a cardiovascular/power related sport, and changing the bodies composition, both goals can not be met as quickly, nor as efficiently , as when these two goals are executed separately. I hope that the research and summarisation of my results will enhance your progress towards your goals.


    – Build a diet and training plan to lose 0.5 kg – 2kg ( 1lbs – 4lbs ) of body fat without losing muscle per week
    – Correctly phase your short and long term goals to reach your dream physique
    – Insights and tips on what to expect psychologically
    – Learn to track and monitor your progress professionally in order to keep yourself motivated and understand the fluctuations in body composition.
    – Improve your mental clarity and overall life productivity
    – Over 30 Pages of solid content

    If you lead a busy lifestyle as a student, entrepreneur, family man/woman, or competitive fitness athlete, this ebook will provide you invaluable insight into an often overlooked and overly judged diet strategy.

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