Who are the Body engineers and what are they trying to do?

This Online personal training concept came from the idea of 100% natural European junior bodybuilding champion,and World Fitness model Champion Octavio Maginnis Castro (Tavi Castro) 22, . Tavi identified a huge gap in the fitness industry with regards to a logically structured process in developing diet and training plans. You had diet plans, training methods , different supplement advice for weight loss, weight gain, or maintenance but nothing that was flexible enough to combine all of these factors accurately and logically. A process needed to be developed which could take age, weight,height,body type, goals, and activity level as inputs ,and runs it through a system which outputs the necessary nutritional requirements and training methods needed to achieve those goals! But it was also important for Tavi  that the method was also educating the people about their bodies, and that they learned how to iterate the process to arrive at the optimal program for their goals!
All of the diets and training programs out on the market are cookie cutter standardized programs which may only benefit a small percentage of the people who utilize them! They have been developed for mass distribution and use marketing strategies to blind customers with extravagant claims of success. People purchasing these programs or diets usually fail and put themselves in deeper holes of demotivation and will be more hesitant to invest money in their health and fitness goals! .
It is too well known that If someone is serious about their fitness goals and is looking for a personalized fitness program, the costs of paying a dietitian and personal trainer can also be very demotivating.

So what is the solution?

As an aerospace engineer Tavi was able to program software which can help people iterate towards their optimal training and nutrition program! Based around the training methods and diets of  Tavi , The total Body engineer concept was conceived.With the hope to take Online personal training to an entirely new level.

The 7 step process

The Body engineers concept is based around 7 steps and the goal is to make these 7 steps part of an updatable process so that the diet and training program changes as your body changes!!.

1 Body analysis (where is my body now?)
To know where you’re going, you need to know where you are! The importance of body composition tracking. Skin fold measurement methods for measuring body fat will be taught.

2 Establish goals and time frames (fat loss & muscle gain)
Goals will need to be established in order to be able to fine tune the diet and training regimen. Pure muscle building, pure fat loss, maintenance will be discussed. The various factors that accelerate each goal will be touched upon. The goal be on developing realistic goals achievable without the use of chemical substances, and most importantly.. with a deadline!!

3 Calculate Caloric needs
Now that the lean body mass has been measured (seminar one) and goals have been established, total calories needs to be calculated. The science and statistics behind the calculation method will be discussed. The importance of calories and where it fits in fitness goals will be the main goal. How the caloric intake varies with the various fitness goals will also be a major topic.

4 Macro Splits based on body type
Now we know how much total energy our body needs, but how much of it should be carbs , fat, and protein? In this seminar we will talk about how different macro ratios are optimal for the mesomorph , ectomorph, and endomorph body types. Why these differences exist will also be touched upon. Advanced techniques such as carb cycling for fat loss will also be discussed.

5 Develop meal plan
Knowing the total caloric intake we need, and the ratios that fit certain bodies best, a meal plan can be developed. The importance of calorie intake at certain times of the day and how to split the meals efficiently for different lifestyles will be the main topic. The optimal sources for protein , carbs, and fats for various goals will be outlined including the importance of the glycemic index ,protein bioavailability and the different protein digestion speeds.

6 Supplementation to accelerate success
supplements and the various categories. Which supplements to use at what times will be the focus. How much these supplements actually help will also be mentioned. Cheap and natural sources of these supplements will be taught. Where to buy supplements on a budget will be a topic.

7 Training plans based on goals
The development of training plans based on 3-4-5-6 day splits will be the topic. Each of the splits could have a difference focus based on the ultimate goal (fat loss, muscle gain etc.) . Plateau breaking methods for when one gets stuck will also be a topic.